The Register of Addiction Specialists


Anthony Cellini, RAS

Lucerne, California

Anthony Cellini, RAS

Registration / Certification Number:

Initial Registration / Certification Date:
Jul 6, 2011

Current Status:

Renewal Date :
Jul 6, 2017

Other Credentials:
Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC) CAADE;

Actions Affecting Eligibility:
No public record of discipline or administrative actions.

Term Explanations :
◦ Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) certification number will begin with a number or a letter A through Z.

◦ RAS Intern (RASi) registration number will begin with "RI-"

◦ "Current Status" may be Active, Inactive (formerly Certified or Registered), or Suspended. RAS or RASi may be suspended for disciplinary or administrative reasons.

◦ An RAS Intern is in the process of obtaining education and experience to qualify for examination. In order to obtain the RAS Credential, the candidate must have documented necessary qualification, including the meeting of those standards identified within Cal. Code of Regs, Title 9, Chapter 8, Sections 13000, et seq.

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